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Fundraising Event Tips for the New Year – The Nonprofit Tech Carnival

We are looking for fundraising event tips for the fundraising strategies and nonprofit tech blog carnival.

It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is finally wrapping up! Pretty soon, we’ll be ringing in the New Year and swearing to keep our resolutions this time around.

Between celebration and goal setting, we hope you’ll take a moment to participate in this round of the Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival. Booster is happy to be hosting!

What’s the Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival?

The carnival is organized with two goals in mind:

  1. To provide the nonprofit tech audience a go-to place to discover top-quality, educational content.
  2. To give thought leaders and influencers in the sector an outlet to showcase their great writing and work.

Here’s how the carnival main page describes things:

“[We are] dedicated to curating the best information the web has to offer for members of the nonprofit community looking to polish their fundraising tactics and learn more about innovative ways to incorporate technology.”

The carnival rotates through hosts on a monthly basis. Each month, there’s a new theme that guides all submissions.

Learn more about the carnival here:

Our Theme — Fundraising Event Tips and Strategies for the New Year

Now, here’s the fun part…the theme announcement.

Given the timing of our hosting duties, we’ve decided to capitalize on the forward-thinking mindset everyone is in and ask you to submit articles, eBooks, guides, and other resources that answer one or more of the following questions:

  • What’s the best fundraising event advice you have?
  • How do you plan out your fundraising events?
  • How do events fit into your bigger fundraising plans?
  • What would you tell someone to make their event stand out?
  • How can you incorporate other engagement activities into events?
  • How can you raise more money at your fundraising events?

To get an idea of some of the subject matter we’re looking to see addressed, here’s an example from the Booster blog of an on-theme resource, “Planning Fundraising Events: A Complete How-To Guide.”

Have an idea in mind? Already know exactly what you’re going to send in?

The next step is easy; simply send the permalink to your submission directly to the carnival coordinator, Taylor Gibbs

Directions for Participating

If you’d like to get involved, please send the following information to Taylor Gibbs at

  • The name of the resource and a link to it.
  • Who should be credited for it.
  • A brief description of what’s included.

Due to the holiday season, we’re giving you some extra time to get your articles sent in. Submissions are due on January 25th. 

Additionally, don’t forget to:

So, now that you have the rundown, it’s time to submit. We can’t wait to see what you send in!

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